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# 1 bug ship v fleet patrol escort
02-05-2013, 01:58 PM
first of all, sorry for not using the actual jemhadar qq thread. but for my taste there is meanwhile too much flaming.

//disclaimer: yes, i have a bug ship and i will not change to the fleet patrol. i try to maximize my damage output while i have a high survivability. concerning this, and the bo setup i am using, the bug ship is my first choice.

in the other thread, a lot of people compare the bug ship and the fleet defiant
- in my opinion, the fleet defiant is not the right choice for this comparison. the counterpart should be the fleet patrol. due to the universal ensign, the fleet patrol can have the same bo layout which is normaly used on the bug ship. even though it would be not the best choice in the fleet patrol. a polarize hull or tractor beam used in the ensign universal slot, in addition to epts2 and eptw1 (with 3 damage control doffs) is a good choice too, while you have a better shield energy setting.

some people say, that the bug ship has two lt universal slots.
- this is right. and even though it would be an unwise idea not to use an eng and sci lt in these slots. otherwise the survivability is low

the bug has up to 47000 hull
- the fleet escort can have up to 46850 hull

the bug has the best shields (escort class)
- the shields of the fleet patrol are slightly worse (8114 v 8033)

the bug has the best turn rate
- yes, this is true. with the consoles i am usually using, i have a turn rate of 41.6 deg/sec. with the fleet patrol it is "only" a turn rate of 37.5. to reach this number, i slotted an additional mk12 purple rcs console. if i would use only 3 universal consoles, it should be nearly the same, maybe the fleet patrol would have a slightly better turn rate (couldn't test it, i have only one rcs console)

fleet patrol escort - defense
fleet patrol escort - movement
jhas - defense
jhas - movement

when you want to improve fleet ships, it would be more wiser if all ensign slots would be universal slots. the ship builds would be more varied. especially the fleet defiant would win, since it is sometimes difficult to use 3 tac ensign slots (depending the choice of weapons)

start the discussion, no flaming pls.