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Originally Posted by kirk2390 View Post
Like many times requested and promissed they would make acurate bridges there where only three make it to the stand.

1. Tos Bridge
2. Belfast ( Defiant ) Bridge
3. The Enterprise F Bridge

What I realy would love to see is an

1. Enterprise E bridge accurate.
2. Voyager's Bridge
3. Enterprise C Bridge
4. Enterprise B Bridge
5. A bridge redone from the Enterprise Series.

Pictures :

Enterprise E bridge :

Voyager's Bridge or Intrepid Class Bridge :

Enterprise C Bridge :

O found a website with some layouts from those ships if you like :


Ok maybe the Devs allready new all this but annyway thought maybe to help them a little.... :-)

1. Yes.
2. You mean, Voyager bridge accurate, since there already is a type that supposedly resembles the Voyager bridge, but it does a terrible job of it.
3. Would be welcome, but it's not a memorable bridge, nor would there be much interest.
4. Yes. And a standard Excelsior class bridge, like from ST:III and ST:VI.
5. See Excelsior VI, but with mods to the rear consoles and colouring.

Also, don't forget the following!

6. NX-01 Bridge + Interiors
7. Enterprise-D Accurate-scale bridge (not from Generations), interiors, shuttlebay?
8. Enterprise-E Interiors
9. Enterprise-F Interiors
10. Voyager Interiors (slight modification of the Enterprise-D interiors, addition of hallway to connect crew section and Engineering set)
11. Redo of the Defiant (aka Belfast) interiors. Some doors are too touchy, open/close when passersby get too close. Also, no access to upper floor of Engineering.

12. For the standard interior, a Shuttlebay and one additional crew quarters space.

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