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02-05-2013, 02:11 PM
HAHA stardestroyer001 that's cheating and what if you did put that move off, whos to say that doesn't open an 8th gate to some random place. You could be sliding all over the map. lol

kobayashlmaru I was thinking about adding BSG, but you have 12 planets getting wiped out vs the one your leaving, that's going from the fring pan into the fire don't you think? But you could go after Baltar, and stop that whole event from happening in the 1st place. lol

Ok guys I will add the Exobites that's going on with DCUO, so if you cross over into the DC universe, there is a good chance you will gain super powers, but you can't pick what the powers will be. Marvel will be as it is, if you want tohse powers, you will have to figure that out on yur own.