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02-05-2013, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by mingtran2 View Post
Seeing how most fans hate JJ Star Trek because it's too much like Star Wars, going to guess he won't mess up Star Wars as badly, after seeing the Prequals can safly assume it can't get any worse.

Well unfortunate it WILL be a disaster. Now that The Mouse has its paws on that, we'll probably be seeing ridiculous fights like in Pirates of the Caribbean: saber fights without injury; dangerous situations that are lethal, yet there is no think you guys get the point >.>

Tho, if he wants to piss off Star Wars Fans too, he could make his Star Wars more like Star Trek.

And that would be a bad thing??
If anything it'll bump up the quality of Star Wars.
all in all, despite some people's illogical and unfounded luncatic fringe rants that JJ's films are canon, the fact that JJ inserted droids from Star Wars into the film blows all that out of the water. Thankfully. Watching him kill off important characters in the film was a cheap shot, but then I reminded myself that its an alternate universe film and that those characters, and others, in the prime universe, are untouched. *deep breath*....*drinks brandy* here's too more non-mirror-universe films...