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Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post

Define "half-decent".
Originally Posted by darkjeff View Post
You managed to produce only a handful of names (and I stand corrected on EQ since I barely remember it), that hardly means multiple factions is a staple of "half decent" MMOs.
Just to clear it up, since I used the "half-decent" term to describe and not snoggymack22, although from what I've read he agreed with that.

"Half-decent" is quite subjective on my behalf I must admit. I never went near or plan to go near the games you mentioned. It's just not my piece of cake. Perhaps the reason is them having only one faction.
So there's the possibility for me this type of games to suck, while maybe for you or some other players they'd be better than many multi-faction ones. However, there's no point in debating over subjective stances that will just lead to being off topic here.

Just for the record, forgive me if I'm mistaken, haven't gone down that road quite in a while, but I believe that EVE has 4 factions to begin with, however their relevance in deminished by the in game player coalitions you mentioned since the type of play this game has eventually leads to that.
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