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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
the fact that JJ inserted droids from Star Wars into the film blows all that out of the water.
You know what Easter Eggs are, right?

As an exercise in the art of the compromise, I will agree that it was odd to see that droid. Was really not expecting that.

Perhaps artists need to stick to inserting genitalia into their work instead of cross-referencing other pop culture icons? Blame them imo.

JJTrek brought me back to the IP. I was at a remote location at the time and had a copy to entertain me. Was one of the reasons I pre-ordered STO, tbh. Got some crappy point defense console instead of the red matter one... grrrr... but I digress.

The new movie looks to be recycling more of the first and appears to be not too original. Ooo, Earth is threatened again by a certain individual and this time it's different! LOL

Funny how Star trek has turned into a license to print money instead of promoting better sci-fi and intelligent entertainment for thinking people.

Will wait for the pirate copy. Arrggh. Argggh. *slaps a cabin boy just for fun*
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