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Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
Old builds? You mean non-fail PvP builds.

PvEers are hilarious in their criticism of PvPers of their supposed inability to adapt, when it is they who participate in the most laughable content that requires no sophistication beyond damage to complete it.

lol at PvEers adapting to content.
I wouldn't name myself a pve-er but thanks for taking shrotcuts and starting ad hominem attacks because of your lack of arguments.

Adapting can be very simple: buying tons of BOffs slots. I don't need TBR on my KDF escort thanks to my aceton assimilator but on my fed it helps a lot when others only have mines to do damage. Yes, it works. Having something to counter your opponent's build isn't really a "fail build", exceptif you're lazy or ultra conservative. With a lot of boff slots most of the issues with mines are solved. If you get killed once it's unlikely you get killed twice with a different layout.

Of course pvp-ing costs a lot (plan 400 euros/500$ a year for an average game), whatever the game is, so i won't accept F2P arguments as valid, because if you don't spend any money for pvp then you're the only one to blame.

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