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Originally Posted by ralizar View Post
Thanks for coming back to me so quickly Kirk appreciate it. Slightly off topic, and would be happy to take this to PM's if this forum allows me. However being level 9 i have just had a lot of new stuff put upon me, duty office, bridge officers, crafting, learning all the controls etc.

That said, based on your experience, at my level now and as i progress, what should I ensure im doing day to day, at present im doing the odd side quest, but im loving the episodes, can I level to 50 just doing these and the odd foundry? Also im just saving my dilithium and refining it as i go not spending it on anything as i assume its best to get to 50 and spend it on gear i wont out level?

Id hate to miss something out, or cause detrimental harm to my captain later down the line. Sorry this is off topic, however im not 'allowed' to make new posts, and as i said before guides and searches etc are so outdated.

Level 9 Alien Engineer.
How you level from that point on is really up to you. There are so many ways to do it. You can play the Cryptic missions or you could play only foundry. You could doff while becoming an exchange bandit. It's really up to you. There are some great Cryptic missions between 9 and 50. A lot of bad ones too. As is also true with the Foundry.

So no real advice there, sorry. Welcome to the game.