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02-05-2013, 03:05 PM
today i started fooling around with the foundary.
my intentions were to build a mission based on the 7-10 code
these is a small ist pof the things i would consider beeing

1: option about how many bridgoficiers can beam down with you.

with this idea i did a bit more posibility`s so other people can alsow use it.
2: ability to force enviromental suits being weared.
(and all personal from the away team)
becouse of:
-heat (like tholian)
-no oxigen (suficate)
-no pressure (explosion)
-to high pressure (implosion of lungs)
-to cold (breen weapons efect??)
-damiging nanites (desease or...)
-damaging sounds (not deadly just parilize)

3:ability to let npc`s follow the player.

in case these options are already availeble i would like to find out more.