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02-05-2013, 04:15 PM
Originally Posted by mozoha View Post
Though I am no longer obsessed about the BTCT, I wanted to check in with this thread to see if this knucklehead was still Trolling. I neither consider myself a PVE er but this tool made the same assumptions about me. I do PVE, I have all the gear to prove it, but any concern I have for this game is for the competitive aspect of it, i.e. pvp.

As far as system changes in pve, you tool are correct and CRYPTIC could change many systems and one would not feel handicapped to complete that content.

I have faith in Cryptic to do what needs to be done. They should just write in system changes to the game and have some tac officer inform me of changes when I log into my account. The NPC could say something like "The company that makes BTCT has been bought out by Ferangi Merchants who have decreased the number of mines by 2 so that they may increase their profit margins."
If CRYPTIC made changes part of the evolution of the story than perhaps people could more readily accept changes. (Not that they need to do that for me, but it would connect Cryptic's decision making to the game arc.
English, do you type it?

No one with your viewpoint gives a rats ass about PvP; you only want to protect whatever new toy gets handed to you.

If this game keeps getting gutted you will be happy with glee as long as you feel like Kirk.

The truth hurts PvEers as much as it hurts me to see PvP made into a laughingstock by all of the cheeseball ****s who troll the queues.

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