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Originally Posted by maximus614 View Post
I have a bug ship and a mobius,,,i think the mobius is best "all around" escort,,,bug can turn quicker pack more punch,,but mobius can pack more shields and better sci Boff, (although i never equipped the time consoles didnt feel they were worth it, used the slots for other stuff)
Agreed. Never bothered with the time devices either. Some swear by it but I can think of better things to spend the EC on (i.e. Antiproton DHC and Turrets). I have been most successful in this ship than any other in PVP. The second closest for me personally was the Breen Ship.

I don't seem capable of doing much good in either the Defiant or the Steam Runner... which is disappointing because I esp think the Defiant is a great looking ship. That being said... its mobius all the way now...
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