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02-05-2013, 03:27 PM
Yeah, it would be a lot of work to add in Warp Cores, because they would have to go through all ships and remove their power bonuses and redo the skill tree. So if they are indeed doing so, it would be part of a Major Season.

And it would be nice if they did, because Power bonuses for ships and the skill tree power bonuses never really made sense. Made more sense that you had warp cores that had certain limits in capabilities. Which easily could mean all sorts of new possibilities such as ship-specific warp cores (for instance not able to stuff a Galaxy Warp core in a Defiant, or vice versa).

Or having a power system more dedicated to shield power than weapon power or warp systems that yield higher warp speeds in sector space.

So if they did pull it off, it opens new doors in the game and make it a bit more interesting.