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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Hm there are several ways to keep people out of cloak. Tractor beams, gravity wells, several gas consoles, eject warp plasma, spamming chroniton mines on the map, TBRs will also target cloaked stuff, and probably a couple of things i don't have in mind right now. It's not because the counter isn't on your ship that it "breaks the game". I wish the whole pvp community could embrace this spirit.

It's also useful to spec into sensors to counter cloaked ships. It's also useful against placate and scramble, and i know how much it's annoying (note: "annoying", not "game breaking"), so enjoy your respec.
The "bug" as I understand it, is that in your B'Rel, you won't decloak for the 3 secs while doing anything, firing, tractoring, etc. In addition to this, you are also undetectable by a sci ship running full aux with sensor scan (as per mini's other thread)

So the problem with those counters you listed are:

1) Tractor beams, Gravity Well, Tyken's require a target lock to fire off and decloak someone.
2) Mines require the BoP to fly into them and also do not decloak B'Rels
3) TBR does not decloak B'Rels, I don't know if if even decloaks normal cloaks
4) CBP, PSW requires that the B'Rel get within 5 or 3 km
5) Eject Warp Plasma or any other gas requires the B'Rel to be very close, or a very dumb pilot who would fly into it, or a lucky graphics glitch that prevents the B'Rel from seeing the cloud.
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