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02-05-2013, 04:32 PM
Originally Posted by snoge00f View Post
If you're spamming that crap as KDF, you're part of the problem.

And it's part of the reason why KDF find it so hard to get queues to pop. Right now the queue reads like, Fed 0 KDF 12. No one wants to queue up to get cheesed. And that's sad, because I rather enjoy fighting KDF players.

And not taking heals in your LT SCI while pugging is being a real prick to your teammates.

You're supposed to support your teammates with your LT SCI, and if not your teammates then yourself, so you aren't as much of a drain on your healers.
Getting some heals, in FED pugs? Is that a joke? Anyway, like i said i'm adapting. Feds start spamming mines, i spam acetons with my kdf. KDFs use mines against feds, and Feds don't heal their team mates, i use TBR to deal with (tric) mines. The amount of damage i can stop is higher than the damage i could heal. Anyway i fly a sci/escort ATM, but most of the times a TBR 1 is just mandatory when i fly the vesta. Not my fault if there aren't better sci skills for sci ships, and in no way i want to be a heal boat with a sci ship. Not my role.

Plain and simple maths with facts about Fed team mates. I'm not complaining about the state of pvp, just enjoying it as it is. I know most peps here are angry because many cool counters, like aceton, are in the cash store but it's not that expensive, and farming dil is still possible anyway.