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02-05-2013, 04:38 PM
Environmental effects are something we very much want but there are very legitimate concerns on Cryptic's part about how they might be misused.

One small, admittedly nitpicking, point I would like to make since it is something that really bothers me in general about poorly researched science fiction: You do not burst if exposed to a vacuum.

Gases in the lungs and digestive tract expand and bodily fluids begin to boil away. Water in muscles and soft tissues evaporate, causing the body to swell after about 1 minute. This results in severe bruising due to broken capillaries but will not rupture the skin. Nitrogen in the blood will turn to gas resulting in "the bends." Exposure to a star's ultraviolet radiation may also cause severe sunburn. Heat radiates from the body slowly in a vacuum so freezing is not an issue.

If rescued within 2 to 3 minutes it is possible to recover with minor injuries; after that, permanent blindness and brain damage are likely to result. A victim attempting to hold their breath will die within moments as air sacks in the lungs rupture and cause bubbles enter the blood stream, resulting in stroke and cardiac arrest. Persons exposed to the vacuum of space will remain conscious for roughly 15 seconds and expire within 5 to 7 minutes. An individual with time to prepare themselves by hyperventilating prior exposure can remain conscious for about 1 minute.