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02-05-2013, 03:44 PM
At the moment, there are no features allowing you to do these things, though they have been requested many times. There are some small caveats:

1. There is a trick or two that can separate the player from the away team, but they are often unreliable. I usually just ask the player to set some waypoints and leave them behind.

2. I have seen a number of missions where the author asks the player to put on an environmental suit. We can't require one at the moment, but you can certainly put some yellow text in there telling the player they are entering a hostile environment and asking the player to put one on for the sake of immersion.

3. Using patrols, you can have the player follow an NPC, but they can't follow you. So you can do escort missions, for example, but the NPC has to follow a prescribed route.
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