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02-05-2013, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by lascaille View Post
the bug has the best turn rate
- yes, this is true. with the consoles i am usually using, i have a turn rate of 41.6 deg/sec. with the fleet patrol it is "only" a turn rate of 37.5. to reach this number, i slotted an additional mk12 purple rcs console. if i would use only 3 universal consoles, it should be nearly the same, maybe the fleet patrol would have a slightly better turn rate (couldn't test it, i have only one rcs console)
Using a mk12 purple RCS console costs a console slot. To get my Fleet Defiant to 42.7 turn rate with 28.36 impulse speed, I had to use a mk 12 purple RCS console and Tachyokinetic converter and bumping my engine power to 52/30.

I'm at a disadvantage, because I had to spend more power to and dedicate a console slot to match your turn rate. Where as, you can use that extra power in other subsystems to help boost your heals or shield resistance. You also have an extra engineering slot for armor/alloy or another universal console slot.

But, whatever, you took the effort to win the lottery. So, you should be entitled to a better ship.