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Originally Posted by ricorosebud View Post
Well, since I asked this question already and was informed I was posting on an old thread rather than receiving an answer to my question, Ill try again here: Is there a list of "Original Series" era foundry missions? If so where can I find it? And if not, I'd like to help/start one. Thank you Captains
There isn't really a list, but I do know of a couple. On the KDF side, there are three of mine:
[HoloHistory] Klach de Kel Brakt
[HoloHistory] Korma Pass
[HoloHistory] Caleb IV

These are "holodeck programs" that take place in the TOS era (The player takes on the roles of Kang, Kor and Koloth)

I also know that hippiejohn's Spectres: Episode 6 involves time travel back to the TOS.

I'm sure there are more.
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