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02-05-2013, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by age03 View Post
Then .Why even bother using the Borg Assimulated Regerative Shield as it is Regen not Resilant?

To the OP if you don't like me as I just gave you some suggestions and not odering you do this or that like hereticknight085 has tendancy to do so.It wasn't worth posting this thread and to work it out on your own or ask friends/fleetmates.

You might want to consider getting into a good fleet.

btw I have been playing Star Trek games for over 10 years now and played one of the hardest skill based rpgs.I ma not a little Kid as I saw ToS on a black and white TV set.This when Apollo 11 went to the moon.
I've said nothing against anyone in this thread, nor do I have any intention to. I've asked for advice. I've gotten it. Everyone's voicing why they think their way is better, and that's good too, because it helps me make an informed choice.

Right now, I have to grind TFO rep before I can make *any* choice, so that's what I'm on right now. The Aegis set will do until i find some affordable options on the Exchange.