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I have no reason to believe the offer is not legitimate. However, the fact that you have a T-5 ship and you claim that the fleet you bought it from is a legitimate seller does not prove that they will not take my energy credits and then not provide me with the service they promise. Given the number of fleets that are going to reach T-5 soon and will likely provide the shipyard as a service to all their active members I do not think it is a risk worth taking.

However, you decided to go ahead and fork over the credits despite the risk and you seem to be happy with the result. That was your choice to make and I am glad it worked out well for you.
I'll admit I'm kind of confused. Are you just sitting here saying that its nice that the offer is legitimate, but despite this it might NOT be legitimate, so clearly it should be treated as illegitimate and that no one should take them up on it? I really don't get your point here. We have plenty of satisfied customers and every single reply to them seems to be "its nice they're legitimate and you got what you wanted but what if you hadn't?".

I don't get it.

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