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02-05-2013, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by dova25 View Post
I would say 33k hull
Shield Modifier maybe somewhere in the .9
Turn rate of say 17.
Inertia of around 70
Boff Layout similar to the other two fleet raptors,
Consoles maybe 5 Tac/3 Sci/2 Eng

I prefer lower hull and bigger turn ratio and shield mod.Actually they are copied from Fleet defiant which is the deadliest "raptor" in game in this moment.

Kdf should have a comparable raptor .
The reason why I gave it the stats I did was because I was trying to keep the other two raptors from going completely obsolete.

The kinda lower turn rate...well ours would have free cloak and a lower turn rate which we can put a rcs if we wish. The Defiant has a higher turn rate but have to use a console to cloak.