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02-05-2013, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by causalityeffect View Post
However, its obvious your one of the hapless sheeple Cryptic is slaughtering in the first place.
Now there's the word that indicates you've already lost the argument.

If you think the best gear is going to be Z-store only, then you really need to educate yourself on Cryptic's method of releasing new gear. We will see the best warp cores come from reputation systems, not the Z-store. Oh, but the dilithium grind is too hard! Well no, not really. I have had both the current reputations to Tier 5 for the last two months and have gained all the gear I want from them by grinding dilithium only. No Zen purchased.

And by the way, by buying Zen you're paying to keep this game running. People like you make no sense to me. Do you think you're entitled to the best rewards just because you want them and get to play the game for free? Grow up.