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02-05-2013, 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
i'll take that as a 'yes'.
Condescending dismissal of the other fellow's reasonable queries aside, you do come off as pretty unnecessarily insulting.

I wasn't even going to comment...'til I ran across your response to him in an unrelated thread about V'ger when he wasn't even addressing you, but someone else:

Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
FINALLY! you said something logical.
So as far as public record of who's being unreasonable or not...anyway. While these attempts to just will oneself to be right tend to come off as pretty entertaining for those of us just scanning the conversation, when does this thread plan to hop back on-topic with the OP, anyway? Something about JJ Abrams and whether the next Trek will be good?

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