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02-05-2013, 07:10 PM
Originally Posted by organicmanfred View Post

I just bought the "Virtue,.." Bridgepack and did a fast visit up there.

Out of about dozens seats, just a few Boffs (not even all out of my space/ground teams) were placed there. I have about 30 Boffs.

Is that a restriction? I mean I bought this Bridegepack too see a lot of my Boffs.
Here is a list that tells you how many bridge officers will appear on each bridge:

Looks like the Virtue bridge will have a max of 9 bridge officers. If you don't have the max amount of bridge officers or not enough of a certain career, such as engineering, to fill all the stations, basic NPC officers will appear instead of your own.

Example: if the bridge you are using can hold 9 boffs and you only have 6, the other 3 locations will have NPCs at the stations. Or if the bridge holds 9 boffs and has 3 engineering stations and you have 12 boffs but only 2 engineers, the third station will be filled in by an NPC.

I could be wrong on some things though. But the bottom line is that each bridge will only have so many officers stations when you enter your ship interior, no matter how many boffs you have.