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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
With JJ directing Star Wars, all I can say is that the way he made Star Trek bad, he is going to make star wars bad (It is already not a good show, but I do want it being ruined like Trek was). Although, it may be the right style for it. With JJ gone, we may finally have some proper Trek. And a new series would be cooler, because there would be more to watch.
Star Trek has 727 episodes (inc. films)
Star Wars has ... 6? Pitiful

I am going to send Paramount Studios a HAND WRITTEN letter, begging them for some proper Trek, and I am sure you guys would not mind me doing that.
But this is not going to work if one kid sends one letter
I need you guys to pressurise them too
Thanks for reading
Those were TV series and Star wars never made any as there were 6 of TMP 4 TNG and 1 JJ.I have't heard a thing about JJ doing stars wars movie.

They CBS will never bring Trek of the TNG era back.It is CBS not Paramount you should write to.You won't get the attention on this site as of V down there.The Head Admin wrote to Mr Redstone himself and got reply back but it is all on that V site.

We having been covering everything Trek for 11 years now.
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