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02-05-2013, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by zarxidejacko View Post
Nobody loves Ki'tang\Ch'tang BoP it seems or is it my idea of sci oriented BoP ?
Regardless of the orientation of the Ch'tang, I support your idea. With 4 sci slots we could do a number of things... the first of which comes to mind is stacking 3 Field Generators and using an extra universal console like subspace jump or leech. Any good BoP pilot would probably agree that even a tiny bit of extra survivability would be good. It's a shame that this awesome BoP skin is only available at Captain rank (I got it on my Tac).

My main ship is now the Hegh'ta BoP with the Haj skin, but I would totally purchase a Ch'tang variant at Vice Admiral/Lt. General level!

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