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02-05-2013, 07:17 PM
I enjoyed the mission and found the story tied back to the original episode in a cool way though I would have found it easier to swallow in the begining if the D7 rift had been where KDF faction players started instead of the Enterprise rift.
It would have helped not set up the "Damnit! Another copy paste mission" feeling from the begining.
Overall though I thought the whole mission well centered in being almost generic factionwise.
Even B'vat had a use for once besides being the feds bungling badguy.

This mission certainly had us included better than many that came before it in my opinion.

As to wether Cryptic did the KDF wrong in the past.....Sure they did.

I was actually there, I remember it all.

2 years of picking the scabs and flicking them at the Devs in defiance has gotten us no where. If the Devs do not know the KDF fanbase feels by now then bKwdf they may be, but honestly Im waiting for May and enjoying MWO while I plinkering in STO still.
Its time for a new tactical approach than playing wounded targs because is and has not been working for us.
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