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Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
Considering the Mouse has its paws on the franchise now, I smell a conflict of interest clause coming out where JJ is concerned.
Or maybe we will just see Mouse-based Easter Eggs everywhere?

Am sure all the legalities were quite well-hammered out prior, though. The new films were announced with the change of IP ownership so that ball was in play for a good while prior.

Pretty solid players, IP-wise, on both sides so if there was a perceived conflict of interest on JJ's part, he would not have been named is what I am thinking.

Am truly surprised there was no ST:TV show alumni to direct the newer movies which could imply that the earlier nepotism which was, is no more. Take that, Wesley Crusher!

In an industry where trilogies are more golden than sequels, maintaining a consistency of vision as well as the artistic and cinematic feel could be considered important. Also,since we are looking at re-branding, am sure there is also a want by the IP-holders to "stay the course" more so than not.

IE: Using same director on a project until he/she works their way out of said position. There are possible risks which come with the act of throwing a new jockey onto the franchise-horse while hoping for the best... but the IP-holders really don't strike me as the gambling type. If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense.
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