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Challenge #38: End of an Era
Captain's Log, Star Date... considering when and where we were, September third, 1945...

The Manticore was observing a star causing unusual gravimetric waves in the Sirius Sector block.

T'kek our science officer was monitoring a strange shift in the poles of the star when the ship was struck by a strange energy wave, later we would find out it was a new type of subspace fold.

Several EPS conduits exploded and despite a plasma fire on deck ten no lives were lost, though our doctor was less than pleased to be interrupted from his first night off to handle the problem.

Supplemental: Requisition a case of Romulan Ale for the doctor.

Continuing, when the ships systems came back online we attempted to contact Star Fleet and were concerned there were no beacons or signal coming from Earth.

I ordered the helm to make our best speed there to see if there was an issue.

Upon arrival, the lack of Earth Space Dock, Utopia Planetia, the lunar colony and any satellites surrounding the planet came as a surprise.

After listening to the radio broadcasts of the time, we realized this was an important day in the planets history and we would be foolish to not observe it more closely.

Myself and my first officer Syren made use of a pair of holographic emitters in order to blend in a bit easier, while New Yorkers have been said to ignore and accept most anything. I highly doubted they were ready to see an Orion Female.

I dressed as a sailor and she appeared as a dark haired nurse, we beamed down into an alleyway and walked out onto the main street, people were celebrating, I grabbed a news paper seeing the headline of Peace I smirked. This was the official end of Earth's Second World War.

As Syren and I looked around we noticed a man with a camera taking various pictures of the celebrating people, now as a buff of this time period I knew there was a picture that was synonymous with this date and specifically this place in New York. But where were they? sighing and realizing how much I truly despise the Temporal Prime Directive and paradoxes in general I did my duty and grasped Syren by the waist dipped her back and kissed her deeply? as I saw the flash go off I stood back up and wondered just what she was going to say in regards to this.

After she stopped blushing and mumbling about getting a repeat performance we went back to an alleyway to contact the ship.

My Chief Engineer and Science officers had come up with a plan. Apparently the polar switch that affected the Manticore and crew was simply rare not new. The star we had been watching was currently giving off the same distortions that had started this mission to begin with. Prior to the wave hitting we would need to send a deflector pulse of equal and opposite frequency. They theorized it would send us back where we belonged.

Upon returning the ship we warped to the star and repeated what happened and prayed it got us home.

Just as T?kek noticed the shift in poles, we released the pulse, the same wave encompassed the ship, once again a few conduits blew but this time there were no casualties.

Supplemental: Remind the doctor of overdue poker debt.

As soon as we were able, we contacted Star Fleet and set course for Earth Space Dock for repairs and to report on our mission.

Supplemental: Do Orions enjoy Saurian Brandy?
End Captains Log