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Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
The system that cryptic claimed to be better for everyone, that it would cut down on our grinding significantly and we'd all be happier. That is BS, btw, for anyone like me who never had so called issues with STF drops. I'm still grinding items out of it. I would have been done two months ago with the old system. But I have to suffer this **** so some other players are guaranteed drops. You know, because simply putting items in the borg store and charging EDC was too much trouble to guarantee us drops.

But hey, I got some nifty passives out of it so whatev.

So in short, it involves how borg STFs reward us.
He's not asking for your opinion.

But since you stated yours, here's mine. I like the Rep system. Why? It's simply fairer for everyone, and a guarantee you'll get what you need if you sink enough time and resources into it.

YOU may not have had problems with drops, but I've got fleetmates who've been playing since Beta, running literally THOUSANDS of Elite STFs and NEVER seen what they needed to get the Mk XII sets, partly because EVERYONE votes Need on all the loot, regardless of whether they actually need it or not. What's fair about that?

Now they can get what they want, and KNOW they WILL get it for their hard work and time. There's enough chaos and random chance in the world. We don't need any more of it in STO. Let's try to keep the dice rolls in the lockboxes.

To dem613:

The Omega Rep system opens up the STF sets, which means the Borg Set, MACO set, Omega set and Adapted MACO set (which is the same as the Klingon Honor Guard Set). They're widely considered to be the preferred sets for the endgame.