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02-05-2013, 07:52 PM
Originally Posted by trintrektron View Post
Do you take the time to sell loot on the exchange or just sell back to an authorised 50% retailer?
Sell loot on the exchange. You'll almost always get more than if you vendor'd it, and in my experience someone buys almost every space item. I've had very little luck selling Ground items, though. Don't bother selling crafting samples or common loot though.

Officer packs and common Duty Officers can score you big money, because people are always looking for common doffs to dump into a starbase. Purple Doffs also sell for a lot, but you might want to keep them depending on your playstyle and build. For whatever reason Blue and Green Doffs are actually a tad bit harder to sell (probably since most Starbase/Embassy projects don't require them).

I just sold a Temporal Duty Officer reward pack for 1.2m EC (though you need to open a lockbox for those).