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02-05-2013, 07:52 PM
Got mine about a week ago and am liking it just as much as the Marauder. Just wish there was a 10 console fleet Marauder version, the 10th console and extra shields makes it handily more tanky.

My build is in my signature below. Be sure to click " My Notes" on that page to get full build infos.

Can tank everything in Elite STFs with ease. Tank and kill single handedly Tac cubes, tank Donatra, tank and single handedly kill transwarp gates, tricky but still easily doable.
(Tanking the gate is necessary to enable getting in close (<2.5km) and applying max damage, in KASE I can often solo kill my gate faster than the 2-3 other players on the other gate do as they're sitting 8km+ from target)

Originally Posted by lordgyor View Post
Get rid of aceton beam it's useless
For PvE it's far from useless. For Engy heavy ships it's a good part of a tank build. It's questionable though in a fleet corasir retrofit due to lower numbers of engy slots available.
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