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02-05-2013, 08:13 PM
Short term:

Add gorn costume parts. or make some thing nice up to go with the spec ops eye shields they have.

what a baout a special melee mechanic for gorns claw attack?

Race specific bridges. i am quite sure a gorn bridge and an orion bridge wont look like a kdf bridge.

a complete set of interior maps for the lock box ships and lobi store ships ( the jem'hadar dreadnaught carrier should have a huge cavern for a bridge like the kdf carrier ones.

Mid term:

the ability to chose what kind of races are on your ship ( im have a races gorn vs Klingon so would like my crew to reflect that)

lets take all of those useless consoles you guys added to some of these ships that cant be used on any other type of ship and make them innate again please. For example: the defiant cloaking device and the one for the dreadnaught should be innate ability. it usless space when it can only be used on that one ships.

what about making weaker versions of some of the kdf race ships and putting them in the game as selectable ships. the kdf could use more options of ships to chose from.

I would like to see a couple of ore gorn ships in game. like their battleship or a single hanger carrier. ( yea i love the gorn my favorite race)

Long term:

what about a Merc faction, a neutral one that players who dont like teh kdf or the feds can flee to and unite. they can hire themselves out to factions and help them on missions and stuff. Or maybe a defection program for toons who don't like there they are but don't want to make up an opposite faction toon.