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02-05-2013, 09:41 PM

The klingons are a proud warrior race, right? And they have their hands on some fairly impressive technology. Heck, they have a claoking device that can confound the sensors of the mighty federation!

So why are their teeth so horrible. Didn't they ever invent toothpaste, or even dental care at all? I'm retiring at the moment (its a lengthy process) from the US Army after 23 years and ya know what...I have always been required to have a dental exam EVERY YEAR. Because my general health..and that of any "warrior" important to a fighting force. How much fighting do you think you'd wanna do when your teeth are rotting? Don't give me the "Klingons don't put a lot of faith in medicine" stuff. we're not talking about coplex surgery, we're talking about simple dental care. For a race that seems to really like to eat wierd grub lik gagh and targ, they sure got some nasty choppers. I'm betting they never invented listerine, either.