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Originally Posted by tanadanat View Post
So the mouse owning something means it is bad...

Of course. Did you think Pirates of _______ was a good series of films?? Where there were lethal sword fights, with absolutely no visible injuries or blood?
having something so unrealistic is what gives the wrong idea to kids and makes them think that they could climb on top of an air-conditioner and jump from 6 stories up thinking that they can fly.
Well that also has to do with a lot of stupid people walking around, stupid parents, et.c., but that's another story

I guess Avengers was the worst and the movies leading up to it were horrible... (remember Mouse owns Marvel)

Lucas showed with the prequels he truly didn't care or want to make the films. He was guilted/threatened into making them.

What?! no he wasn't!! He said himself, even YEARS ago, that he wanted to do the origin stories in a specific manner but didn't have the technological means to do it back then!!
Why be so harsh on Lucas?
If anything the constant bashing and insults that Lucas has received from the so called Warsies, is probably what drove him to depression, and in turn sell his baby (SW)!
I really don't think bashing [Lucas], who had this as his dream project, is fair, as if the deranged group of fans could have done better. And that's coming from a trekkie
If they thought their SW creations were better why didn't they present them to a studio? why didn't they come on to proper news stations to promote their 'work'? Why didn't they rant about Lucas publicly, instead of seeding their evil feces all over the internet just to poison the reputation of a man who just wanted to bring his very own idea to life?? I think the answer is extremely obvious.

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