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02-06-2013, 12:01 AM
What I really disliked was that googly-eyed med tech assisting Kirk Jr. into the world. Hate to base people on their looks but it just reeked of a stupid, stupid, stupid move whoever thought the movie needed googly-eyes.

Rest of the movie played out well enough that I finished watching it but that beginning almost made me stop and go do something else.

Oh and those stupid cadet hats. Who the **** thinks up uniforms for these movies? LadyGaga's bra designer?

One thing I noticed and not many have referenced was the use of the tiny Starfleet symbols on the uniforms. Made them almost scaley in appearance and could be interpreted as a nod to CADPAT and MARPAT. Both digital camo patterns are built around a symbol; Maple Leaf for CADPAT and the Eagle, Globe & Anchor for MARPAT.

[Edit: Added link to tiny Starfleet symbols. Added Eagle. Was thinking it but did not type it in the first time.]
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