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02-06-2013, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by aramyll View Post
Ok we have been waiting a while for this and the last we heard was that this was coming at the beginning of the year but then pushed back again to what, February, March. When are we going to be seeing this ship in the Z-store, will it be a single ship or a trio pack? Can we get some stats, pictures, anything for this. Please, pretty please, with tribbles on top.
Woah woah, power down, son. They just debuted FIVE new ships, 3 of which are free, in the space of 2 months!

I can understand if this thing is absolutely the only thing you care about, but give 'em some time. They haven't said much at all about the Andorian ship, not least whether it's an escort or whatever. And no one knows if it can be a trio (I've only ever seen 1 canon Andorian ship, and the only other STO andorian-inspired vessel is the UShaan skin for the Saber).

Plus, they can't exactly blow their ship load right away, what with Romulans coming in 4 months. See what happens by April, then you can beg.

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