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no oddly enough Klingons with their battle prowess are modelled after Greeks, specifically Spartans... i think... i could be wrong.
Dominion i have no idea... Romulans definitely modelled after Romans though
TOS Klingons were more like Eurasian aka Russian with the Cold War thing represented in UFP vs. KDF. Since then their culture seems to be more Japanese along the lines of Samurai and their adherence to Bushido. Throw in some Chinese references to weaponry, also.

Disagree they are Muslim as Klingons drink alot.

The helmet which is use in STO looks Greek, though. The ST website shows another version of that helmet which is on the cover of an upcoming ST comic.

Greeks, in western culture, were more considered to be Philosophers, Traders, Tutors. The Spartans exemplified the Warrior, of course but they were not the norm for Greek culture as a whole. They were the only Greeks to not have city walls as they considered their fighting men to be the best defense.

Maybe devs and canon checkers for the IP holders are jumping onto the popularity wagon which was been rolling since the movie 300 came out and made things Thlingon, Lacedaemon.

"This is... Qo'noS!"

Come to think of it, now I think they directly tried to reference that. Funny how the original Lacedaemons thought themselves to be philosophers first and warriors second. It was one of the best kept secrets and history remembers them best as brutes and rough people. Oh, the irony.

Laconic is a term that comes from their way of speech which was "to the point"... bet ya didn't see that coming. Their terse use of language also supports their being philosophers and explains why we in the KDf got our **** together.

The Ferengi strike me more to be akin to merchants from the former Paris of the Middle East.

The Dominion could be Armenian possibly? Kim Kardassian's mom looks Cardassian irl.

Captain Kirk seems to be the embodiment of Mom, Apple Pie aka America which is very Christian in origin.

Leonard Nimoy talks of his famous Vulcan Salute which comes from use in a Jewish blessing so I guess Vulcans got that covered.

Romulans and Remans are Roman. It supports Vulcans being Jewish as the first Christians appeared in Rome as a Jewish cult and later, influenced their empire, thus maintaining a connection. Messy to explain but an association inherent.

Theory-crafting, in cultural terms, makes me feel uncomfortable though and I apologize if anyone feels offended.

This would explain why Gene Roddenberry refrained from citing sources directly and on the record.
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