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02-06-2013, 12:26 AM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
The QFFP is meant to go offline when you lose weapon power as it is technically a weapon (though apparently it drains from aux power) and the MACO beam going offline with weapon power is beyond me
I understand that the QFFP is a "weapon" in the sense that it does damage. However it is NOT a weapon in the sense that it utilizes the weapons system according to the game. Technically the skill is no different than the graviton beam or feedback pulse or transfer shield strength. It is a modification of the deflector array for a specified purpose. Therefore when weapons are disabled it shouldnt go offline. Only a disability to the auxiliary subsystem should then render it disabled. NOT weapons. As you are not firing the QFFP out of a torpedo tube or beam array or beam bank but your deflector. At least that is the way it should work based on my understanding of the game. I could be wrong.

In addition technically when firing the QFFP you are rerouting main power (from the warp core I assume) to fire the phaser which is boosted not by weapons power but by auxiliary output alone. So once again it makes no sense to me that it should then be disabled when my weapons go offline. Let alone the heavy graviton beam. That is beyond me as well.

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