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As a relatively new fan to the series, I am curious to hear what many of the long time fans of the Trek franchise dislike so much about JJ-Trek. And I mean honest, detailed complaints. I don't want broad "It was bad" I want to know specifics, because, honestly, I enjoyed JJ-Trek, in fact it is probably what got me interested in going back and getting into it, so I'm really curious to know what the older fans disliked about the film. Again, details, not generalizations.
Aside from science even a six year old (outside of the American south anyway) knew was bad, JJ Trek was pretty much on par with the old action oriented Trek movies. Just with more flash.

Trek fans hate everything introduced into Trek until they no longer have a chance to hate it. TNG was reviled when it started and only universally loved when it ended. Trekkies are the original Unpleasable Fanbase.
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