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Originally Posted by user839020189287 View Post
What I really disliked was that googly-eyed med tech assisting Kirk Jr. into the world. Hate to base people on their looks but it just reeked of a stupid, stupid, stupid move whoever thought the movie needed googly-eyes.

googly-eyes oh come on, you didn't expect them ALL to be human...?! lol

Rest of the movie played out well enough that I finished watching it but that beginning almost made me stop and go do something else.

The thing that almost made me do the same thing was killing Kirk's father....But then they started killing Spock's mother, etc etc...almost made smash my 36 inch monitor

Oh and those stupid cadet hats. Who the **** thinks up uniforms for these movies? LadyGaga's bra designer?

cadet hats??? where? i don't remember those, any pics?

One thing I noticed and not many have referenced was the use of the tiny Starfleet symbols on the uniforms. Made them almost scaley in appearance and could be interpreted as a nod to CADPAT and MARPAT. Both digital camo patterns are built around a symbol; Maple Leaf for CADPAT and the Globe & Anchor for MARPAT.
yeah......those DID seem kind of weird. Especially when coupled with the red uniforms. But i couldn't place the familiarity...