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02-06-2013, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
That's not a buff then. Sounds more like an error causing it to reset, especially if you say it teleported all over.
Heavy drones always had the ability to teleport normal drones at quite a long range. And the instant shield heal is indeed a bug, but it happens when someone uses tachyon harmonics. It's been reported many times but no fix yet.

Originally Posted by tazurensavulen View Post
Ok, seriously, we do not need more ship provisions! We have 266 of those. We need Personal Fleet equipment provisions. If it is changed, I will find who did it and I will personally make them into a Ferocian.
Maybe you guys should calm down with fleet elite ground weapons, we had more than 100 provisions some time ago. And there aren't more than 50 active cats in the fleet. You don't NEED more than one per char. Don't be selfish until it's addressed. Your boffs don't need that either. Provision projects slow down our progression too.

FYI the best pulsewave is the honor guard pulsewave, and the split beam you get for free in one of the romulan FE is extremely close to be the best split beam in game. There's no need to vandalize our fleet store for vanity items.

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