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FIXED. thanks for pointing that out!

[Some of the crew are on the holo-deck watching Data doing his new stand-up comic routine when in rushes Geordie.]

Data: "Is that a shuttle class warp core in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

*sound of snare drum and cymbal crash* Badoom tsss!

Geordie: "Actually, that is my p****, Data. I have the shuttle class warp core, right here, in my hand."

Data: "Holy ****ing ****, Geordie! There are children present!"

*sound of snare drum and cymbal crash* Badoom tsss!

Geordie: "Such language, Data... Your ocular implants must clearly be malfunctioning or you would have noticed my holding this warp core. I think I better run some diagnostics just to be on the safe side."

Data: "That's ok, Geordie... I feel fine and I am cer..."

*sound of Data powering down as Geordie removes Data's head*

Geordie: " Aha! I see said the blind man..."

*sound of snare drum and cymbal crash* Badoom tsss!

[A tribble then voids it bowels and dies instantly while Captain Picard pulls off another familiar yet still epic face-palm.]
*Shrug* Torlls gonna troll.
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