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# 564 maximized Plas'Tinga
02-06-2013, 02:40 AM
This is my version of the Plas?Tinga. It has cost me a lot of farming to finally get all the parts I wanted. I have got almost every item available to maximize plasma damage; especially the plasma DoT (Embassy consoles, romulan reputation items, reman deflector/engine and the several set bonuses). I run it with my tactical captain to boost the (dot) damage even more.

Ship: Fleet K'Tinga

Front: Omega torpedo, advanced fleet plasma torpedo, 2x cannon (or DHC).
Back: Romulan hyper torpedo, cutting beam, plasma turret, romulan experimental beam array

The omega and fleet torp in front because they do the most DoT (around 1000 / tick).

Deflector + Engine: reman MKXII
Shield: adapted KHG (=MACO)

Engineering Consoles:
Neutronium Alloy
Tachyokinetic Converter
Plasmonic Leach
Borg Assimilated module

Science consoles:
Zero Point energy conduit (+plasma dmg, + EPS system)
2x embassy Particle Generators Mk X [-Th] [Pla] (to boost DoT and EWP)

Tac consoles:
3x Plasma Infuser Mk XII (boosts both energy and torpedo DoTs)


ET1, AtoB1, DEM1, EWP3 (DEM can be replaced for RSP2)
EptW1/E1, AtoB1, EptS3
TrB1, HE2

3x technician
2x torpedo
(can replace 1 with the EWP engine disable doff)

With the adapted KHG combined with EptS3, I have massive resist, not needing any other shield heals.
ET1/TT1 are to use on demand (but is hardly needed)

Set Bonuses:
2x romulan rep items: + plasma dmg
3x romulan rep items: every 2 minutes high DoT FAW from experimental beam array
2x reman deflector/engine: +plasma torps speed boost + defense and + extra particle gens for EWP
2x borg rep items: + power = more dmg
3x borg rep items: + heal passives

I don?t know how to make this build even more brutal. If anyone has a suggestion, I will try it out.

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