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02-06-2013, 03:12 AM
Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Because of stuff like this.

A Klingon would not consider himself a "bad guy", so you just jumped from out-of-character to in-character.

And where did I say anything about "less valid"?
I said it's difficult to read.
Especially when people are, like you just did, jumping between the two.
It's all I meant by it, don't put words into my mouth.
That first quote, I was explaining something to a specific poster other than yourself.

OOC is not enforceable or mandatory on forums, just so you know.

Did you check out the Shadowclan link, btw? Here's another one to the "About Shadowclan" page.

It states we play "bad guys" ingame. We always consider ourselves to be the good guys but we like to frame things for those we kill so they understand us better and appreciate our intent at being high-quality opposition.

*sips some unnamed beverage then decides to slip into something more comfortable*

The "Does it matter?" part was meant for you.

*shoots some random feddie in the face with their own phaser*

Since your avatar is KDF, I figured you would not consider yourself a random feddie and take the RP as a discontinuation in discussion.

The rest of my post was directed at all the others who have brought up this very subject of RPers RPing while in discussions of peace talks. Not the first time this popped up. Old forums had that going on.

As for being confused... let's correct that, shall we?

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Thanks, but I've gotta say this makes it a helluva difficult to read the whole thread because I'm not always sure who's doing it in character and who isn't.
As a member of the KDF, I always try to keep my words consistent with my thoughts and deeds as a Warrior, whether in-game, on the forums or in-character.

Was not ever my intent to put words in your mouth. I hate it when others do that to me.

"Dammit J'mpok! I'm a Warrior, not a Worrier!"

- KDF Ambassador Syon vocalizing her objection to the discussions of possible peace talks with the UFP due to recent Borg and Undine activities.
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