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02-06-2013, 03:15 AM
Originally Posted by monkeybone13 View Post
I'm curious. How long has the team been "aware of this issue"? Did you just find out about it now?

I started playing this game at the very beginning of October 2012 and this bug plagued me for a couple weeks. That is, until someone in the Vault Shuttle event told me the work around. Ever since I hit the ESC key until I get the game options window to pop up, every single time I respawn.

Must be a complicated bug to fix. I'm no computer programmer lol. It's nice to see you guys at Cryptic are trying to work on fixing old bugs that have been around for a long time. Little by little.

Thank you PWEBranflakes.
This is STO. Things go a little slower around here This game was released 3 years ago, but I've encountered betas with less bugs. One of my favs is when people get sometimes kicked from a private queue when you are starting the match. That bug exists since... the introduction of private queues
Wanna read more about loooong-standing bugs? Go visit the foundry-forums
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