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02-06-2013, 03:52 AM
Originally Posted by kishodar View Post
Can someone post a full body screenshot of the MACO Photonic BOFF?

Not having any luck using Google image search to find one.
Can't post a screenshot at this time, but the Photonic Tac looks exactly like the holographic guards from one of the "The 2800" feature episodes.

If you haven't played that, it's basically a black version of the full MACO armor set. You can't customize the appearance. It looks pretty cool, though. I wish I could turn my MACO armor black >

Generally speaking though, Tac Boffs are in truth less useful than the others. They die quickly and don't have great team support abilities. Can't heal you or summon turrets, either, and since there's no class-based weapon restrictions you can put the heavy miniguns and assault weapons on any character.

Still cool-looking, though