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02-06-2013, 03:59 AM
Don't think we will get a straight answer about this for at least another two months but yes, a question about the kdf and other new factions would be nice. As lead content designer he would know what the plan is. But he won't be allowed to tell us.

Since we are right between seasons right now questions will be hard to make. We are stuck between what we already know and what won't be answered.

But how about this: I hate sector space. I really really do. It pains me but I don't think you have a solution to ease my pain on the horizon. Is the only because of all the missions and foundry missions anchored to the place where planets are in the current sector space? Or is there a true underlying system problem that will make getting rid of sector space an issue that required too many resources to fix?

Or, why when I log out of the game when on your fleets starbase or embassy and log back in you can't log back in on your starbase?