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# 1483 Worst in months!
02-06-2013, 03:59 AM
This was without a doubt the biggest noobe bunch I've seen in months.

There I was....


I pug in and actually forgot to say, "Hi' which is REALLY rare for me.

I fly left and see that nobody followed.

I look back and see a klink about 45K off in the distance and three other ships setting at the Kang.

I start in at the nodes and die unusually fast.

I fly back and start in again on the same node.

I see the Klink is setting just outside of range of the Kang to do anything.

I get a couple more nanites killed and get killed again.

Hmmmmm. Very unusual....

I wait the full penalty time and fly back, all the while typing that I need a little help at the Cubes.

I see one ship come to the first cube.

Now keep in mine, there is only one raptor at the Kang with two ships trying to kill it and a Klink hiding in the bushes.

The Ship that's come to the Cube has, You guessed it, rainbow/technicolor beams.

It's firing at the cube with no effect since there are still nodes to kill.

I type, 'Shoot the Nanites first!"

No use but I get the last nanite killed.

A raptot had popped out and here the guy is, following the raptor all the way back to the kang while blasting away with his Rainbow/Technicolor beams.

I kill the first cube.

Way too much time has been used on the first cube so I type, "We need some help at the cubes if we're going to win this."

Here comes mister rainbow again, blasting away at the cube.

I type again, "Shoot the bottom nanites first!"

No luck, he can't read.


And he wonderes off chasing a couple BOPs all the way back to the Kang.

I Type, 'We are going to lose the optional if we don't get some help at the cubes!"

I kill cube 2 with 3.5 minutes to spare.

I fly over to cube 3 and here comes mister rainbow.

Now he starts in on a nanite on the far side of the cube.

I think, "He's getting the hang of it."

So I kill one, two, three, four nanites, where did mister rainbow go?

There he is, chasing Raptors back to the Kang.

I go to the nanite he was working on, it's still at about 80%.

I type, "This optional is lost thanks to a bunch of noobes."

Someone says, "4 Marks, big deal."

I say, "I've never seen such a noobe bunch" {Actually I have, many times over.}

He says something about 'getting used to it.'

Anyhow, the klink never fires a shot that I saw, mister rainbow was totally useless, I died on cube three when I got caught too close to the final blast while typing 'NOOBES!'

While killing the carrier I did see that the last two ships were firing regular beams to my suprise. They were just too weak to be of any use.

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