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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
What is the DPS of the Rommy Splitbeam? And what are the procs associated with it? I currently use the AntiBorg XII, but I want to upgrade because:

1. Elite Fleet does more damage than anything else.

2. Antiproton does nothing more than 20% crit severity. Disruptor reduces damage resistance, which increases the severity of regular hits as well, plus reducing the resistance to the attacks of my team-mates.

3. AntiBorg is specialized for fighting Borg, and only for them. I want something that will work just as well no matter who I fight. Plus, half of the NPCs are not even labelled as [Borg] anyway, so no use in employing [Borg] weapons. I know this because killing Borg has gotten me the accolades for killing Klingon Officers, Starfleet Officers, and a few others, plus the Devs themselves talked about it in the Forums a few months back.
The non-Borg NPCs are in space STFs only. This includes the tractor probes for Romulan NPCs, and the pets the Assimilated Carrier spawns.
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